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Performance Management Module PDF Print E-mail
Written by BlueApplePartner Payroll   
Friday, 12 February 2010 11:47








Blue Apple Payroll has a comprehensive performance management module that will assist an organisation in assessing their employees and ultimately help to develop, motivate and retain a high performing workforce all year round. We have created a powerful combination of features that is easy to use and affordable for any size business.




It is equally important to have a performance appraisal process in place for a small business as it is for a large organisation and by using Blue Apple Payroll 's evaluation module you will have the benefit of powerful software usually only available to large organisations due to the cost factor.




We guarantee that Blue Apple Payroll evaluation tool will greatly streamline performance appraisal processes within your organisation and reduce HR's administrative burden. The performance management module will assist you in creating high value performance appraisals (balance scorecards), job profiles, diagnostics and company surveys include:














Create company appraisal processes that can be actively monitored i.e. 2009 Annual Performance Appraisals.


Create company Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), attach them to a predefined process and using our performance dashboard, visually see how these indicators are performing based on predefined targets across departments or cost centres. Areas requiring attention will be highlighted immediately.
Payroll Create an unlimited number of appraisal templates from scratch. Templates can be position or job specific or simply general templates that suite all employees. Assign relevant weightings to sections of the template that indicate higher importance than other sections.
Payroll Create your own scales that are relevant to a specific areas or questions, for example,
1 = Unsatisfactory, 2 = Below Average, 3 = Average, 4 = Above Average, 5 = Excellent - this scale could be used for a variety of questions where as, 1 = Did not meet expectations, 2 = Met Expectations, 3 = Exceeded Expectations could relate to project specific questions.
Payroll Automated 360 degree evaluations - get broader, richer "multi-rater" feedback without the processing hassles. Raters will be notified via email that they need to assess a person, they simply need to login into My Blue Apple Payroll and complete the evaluation in their inbox. It is all online therefore you eliminate all paper!
Payroll Managers are able to view all raters' feedback.
Payroll Employees as well as managers are able to log entries throughout the year in an employee's performance journal so that at appraisal time these are taken into account.
Payroll Log goals and create development plans for an employee and review these at the employee's next appraisal.
Payroll A complete history of an employee's appraisals or reviews are stored and can be viewed at any time.


Performance evaluation software is a new and extremely effective tool for Human Resources. Moving from a paper based to an electronic performance appraisal system saves time, money and significantly improves the evaluation process for both the employee and the organisation. Contact us now for more information and pricing.


Performance Appraisals

How can a payroll system be used for EI monitoring?

No doubt, EI monitoring should form part of any HR Management plan. By making use of a payroll system which has an integrated HR and Performance Management Module, it is possible to set-up specific policies and EI monitoring points to assess an employee's behavior. By including this in the payroll performance management module, leadership abilities can be identified, as well as project management skills, communication problems, anger management problems or lack of social skills altogether. Short ticks at the appropriate areas and a space where a manager can comment can help to build a personnel history that include the EI of an employee.

Incorporating Emotional Intelligence into performance appraisals

Companies cannot ignore the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI). If an employee for example, is always on time, keeps to deadlines, shows immense creativity and driving, but lacks the ability to control anger outbursts, should he/she be considered for a management position or not? If the Emotional Intelligence factor is ignored or no system exists to monitor such behavior, then people who should not be in supervisory roles or people management roles will get the position with negative consequences for the company. As such business are encouraged to incorporate Emotional Intelligence questions and assessments in their Performance Appraisal system. Online payroll systems with performance appraisal and management modules such as the one offered by My Blue Apple Payroll makes it possible to setup additional assessments and monitoring points in this regard.

Performance appraisals can be stored for easy access

With performance appraisals, it's important to be able to have different views. Online payroll systems offer you the ability to store the employee's appraisal history that can be viewed at any time. If for some reason you are doing an evaluation of the employee, you can have easy access to all previous appraisals with the click of a mouse. You may create goals and plans for the employee to meet and at the next performance review, these goals can be acknowledged once again to see if he/she were accomplished.

Manage the job performance process effectively

Many managers find it hard to process job performance appraisals. It is not that hard to complete if you have the correct software. It could can be done smoothly and efficiently. With performance appraisal software, you will be able to choose your own grading scale, create templates from scratch so they are your own design, and the best yet, it can all be done with Blue Apple Payroll's Online Payroll System. This is a EXTREMELY important tool for Human Resources department at any corporation or business. Try an online payroll processing system today as it makes the job performance process much easier and will keep you satisfied. Don't rely on outdated systems any longer!

Performance appraisals improve the business

Since performance appraisals improve the operations of a business, it is vital to have the right software in which to evaluate your employees. These appraisals are to be used to give insight to your employee of what is being done right and wrong. It will offer solutions on how improvement can be made and is primary information for the employee. These also allow a lot of strategy planning so that the employee understands how to improve in their job performance. It's very important to have the right software to conduct these performance appraisals will help a great deal. Before choosing an online payroll system, research them and ensure you purchase the best one for you.

Cost of Performance Appraisals should be lowered

Although an essential tool for decision making regarding promotions, retrenchments and salary increases, performance appraisals are costly. The time taken for interviews, getting both manager and employee around the table at the best time, having to reconcile information afterwards and then keeping record of the information in such a way that performance improvements can be compared with goals set in the performance appraisal costs since the information can be electronically distributed, forms completed, printed where required and pre-defined appraisal points be established. Easy comparisons are possible and can be done even when the employee or manager is at a remote location through the online facility.

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