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Written by BlueApplePartner Payroll   
Thursday, 11 February 2010 08:39

The Mobile Payslip is now real

Our team at Blue Apple Payroll invest a large amount of time in research and development to introduce creative ways for you to deliver true value to your business. Our latest value added service is an industry first and something that will give your business a unique edge over your competitors and most importantly give your employees a channel to access information about their payslip, using their mobile phone, at any time of the day. Just imagine the convenience that this type of functionality gives an employee.



How does it work?

All that is required is that the employee's mobile number be captured on their profile on Blue Apple's Payroll System and the employee can then request that their latest payslip/s be sent to their mobile phone, to any fax machine or any email address by simply sending a sms, in a specific format, to our easy to remember number. Blue Apple Payroll will in turn send the employee's payslip to them, via the respective channel, immediately. 

The sms will have a breakdown of all allowances and deductions as well as the leave balance for a particular month. This is extremely convenient when an employee wishes to quickly check their payslip figures or leave balance at any time.


Go green, do away with paper payslips

This benchmark breaking functionality implies that an organisation can do away with paper payslips as the main delivery mechanism of an employee's payslip. Instead, on pay day, send all employees their payslips on their mobile phones and only print out payslips on request or better yet let the employees request that their payslip be sent to a fax machine or emailed to them if they require a paper based payslip. By going green an organisation will save a huge amount of time and money in the following ways:




You will no longer have to purchase expensive special confidential payslip paper.


You will no longer have to spend tedious and valuable time printing everyone's payslips.


If you have offices or sites at different physical locations, you are able to do away entirely with ensuring that payslips are distributed correctly and on time.

The saving on paper, resource time and distribution costs will all contribute to a significant cost saving for your organisation whether you are small or large.


How much does it cost?

Should your employees request a payslip via a sms to be sent to their mobile phones or email address, neither they or the employer will pay anything. Thats right, this service is FREE of charge. The only cost applicable is the cost of sending the original sms, requesting the payslip, to our sms number and this cost is charged to the employee's cell phone account by their respective service provider at the prescribed rate which is dependant on the employee's contract or package e.g. if you have a contract that has 100 free sms's per month you will not pay anything. 

Should you wish to utilise this service to send out mobile payslips instead of paper payslips, all you will pay is a mere 40c per mobile payslip.





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